Meat Free Week

So this week (23rd to 29th March) is ‘meat free week’! I normally try and have meat free Monday’s but this is a whole week of goodness. Today is my last day as I started a day early, on Sunday 22nd, because I plan my meals from Sunday to Saturday 🙈

This is what my meat free week looked like:

🍆 Sunday – Salmon & Vegetables

🍅 Monday – Mushroom Risotto

🌽 Tuesday – Crab Fishcakes, Potato Wedges & Roasted Veggies

🍍 Wednesday – Kale Pesto Pasta

🍐 Thursday – Jacket Potato, Goats Cheese & Salad

🍌 Friday – Roasted Vegetable Pizza

🍏 Saturday – Lentil Bolognese (going to start cooking this now!!)

For breakfasts I’ve been having Bircher muesli, and for lunches I made a crustless cheese and tomato quiche, and had a slice each day with salad.

To be honest, I did struggle to come up with a whole week of meat free meals, but I think it was a good exercise.  I’ve also tried different recipes, from Deliciously Ella to River Cottage, and the crustless quiche was from Slimming World! I am quite consious of the meat I buy normally and try to get organic but otherwise it’s always British. I would rather eat less meat, of a higher quality.

More information on meat free week is available on the website

Did you take part in meat free week? Did you come up with more exciting meals than me??

Love, Laura x

Morrisons Organic Food Shop

Along with my new found love of cooking, I’ve started to enjoy food shopping also.  I used to HATE it!  But now it’s a voyage of discovery where I find new, different things to try.

I love that the local supermarkets are starting to stock more organic fresh food so I thought I’d share what I bought from my local Morrisons store earlier today.  Sorry for the terrible photo- I promise to improve my photography skills as I post more 😊

I normally have a veggie box from Riverford Organic but sometimes I want to choose which meals I’m having for the week rather than working around which veg is delivered.  This can be because I want a cheaper, more planned, week or simply an easier cooking week if I’m busy.

I do think the Riverford boxes work out slightly cheaper though and the quality of the veg is much much higher but I’m impressed with the variety that Morrisons is now offering.

Where do you do your weekly shop?  Do you try to stick to organic?

Love, Laura x